Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Happy New Year Everyone! I have many Christmas stories to tell and pictures to share, but can't find the cord for the camera at the moment and super busy with year end stufsies. Will post more as soon as I can. Just wanted to make sure and wish Everyone a super fun and safe New Year!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Another Moylan's Christmas...


I love these people!

My Bro and the Bobster!

The dance floor was HOT!

The pretty people!

got down and dirty!

I gave away LOTS n LOTS of COLD HARD CA$H!

My bouquet of $$$ flowers...

Me and Sarai..better known as Ebony & Ivory..he he

The band! They Rocked..and if you want them to play for your Christmas Party..CALL ME!

The food was DELICIOUS! The ribs rivaled Tony Roma's in a BIG way!

Thanks Les and the staff of Bud's Bar for a super fun, unforgettable night!
Merry Christmas All!

Another one bites the dust...

Last night CUC was doing some work on the power lines for the new Kagman Joeten, (which is now open by the way) so they shut off the power to a block of houses in the area..mine included.
Two hours later when they finally turned the power back on we had this huge power surge then the power blacked out again, then 2 seconds later it surged back on again. So I waited a good 3 minutes and then turned back on my tv and BOOM! a green flash shot across the screen. I freaked and turned it off again... I waited a few minutes and turned it on..only to find the picture was really yellow, there was a loud popping noise coming from it and the picture was popping on and off....UGHHHHHHHHHHH! This is the second tv that has been ruined by CUC power surges...I'm so pissed off! Anddddddddd to top it off I got a notice in the mail that If I don't pay my power bill by CHRISTMAS EVE I will be disconnected....*sigh*

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Let the Christmas parties begin...

NMIA Annual Christmas Party @ the Chambre Lounge in the Fiesta Resort Hotel. The appetizers were off the hook and the karaoke was too funny!

Sarai K. & Kathy enjoying the night.
Tina Sablan singing Jambalya for me, while Bobbie & Glen cheer her on.
Sixto & Kathy Igisomar
Jim Kirby & Eli B. agreed with me that the food was pretty good!
Kathy, Sarai, Bobbie & me ..The Moylan's crew always ready for a party..
Me & Ulu.. My wisdom tooth needs to be pulled and my jaw was swollen, but I just flipped the hair over it and partied on!