Sunday, July 20, 2008

Weekend Sights...

After church on Sunday we took our new missionary freinds, Panapa and Vei sightseeing with their children. The kids had so much fun...and so did we..Saipan is such a gorgeous island!!!! Panapa is from Western Samoan and Vei (his wife) is from Tonga..They kept on remarking on how clean and beautiful Saipan is..
The family at American Memorial Park. I was really disappointed with the museum. Many of the show cases were empty for some reason, and there was no sound or special lighting effects like the last time we were there. It was pretty sad....but anyway...
Last Command post..Jedi and Barbara loves all the old guns, and being able to climb up through the caves..I used to love doing that when I was a kid too...

Bird Island
The mermaid Cave...of course it's my favorite spot on the island!

Wedding Bells

My BFAM Stanley Iakopo got married this weekend (finally..ha ha)...He and his now wife, Pricilla have two gorgeous children..That's there daughter Filomenaleonisa in the top picture, she was a flower girl.
When I heard the wedding colors were red and purple, I freaked out..what a color combination...but everything actually looked really pretty!
The Bride and Groom...Stanley looked sharp in his Air force uniform and Pricilla looked Gorgeous in her gown (baby bump and all..he he)
My camera started running low on batteries so the pictures got pretty blurry half way through the reception...


Monday, July 14, 2008


I may be MIA for awhile. Netcare has won the RFP for the Government Group Life Insurance and open enrollment began on Monday. I now have 90 days to get all 5,000 plus people signed up...busy busy busy.

If you had IAC Gov. Group Life Insurance, give us a call to find out the time and date for your departments open enrollment. Today we will be doing DCCA and the location is Office of the Aging behind Gold's Gym.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


We made a traditional Samoan umu this past Sunday. We cooked breadfruit, tapioca, taro, baby back ribs, whole chickens, Fai'ai Pikaki (my spelling is probably way off, but its Mackerel mixed with coconut milk and onions, then poured into the half shell of the coconut and cooked on the rocks..its absolutely DELICIOUS!) and palasami (taro leaves with coconut milk)..Due to my very strict diet I didn't really get to eat much, but everyone else that ate said it was delish! I had fun just helping out...

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Meet Nelson

Nelson is my friend Rona's foster child. He's absolutely adorable!!! I've had them over several times since he was placed with her, and I have even babysat him twice already and It's really making me think hard about signing up to be a foster parent. It's something I have always thought about fear though is getting attached to the child and then having to give him up...I'm not sure I could do that...and even if I could, it would be so hard!