Sunday, July 20, 2008

Wedding Bells

My BFAM Stanley Iakopo got married this weekend (finally..ha ha)...He and his now wife, Pricilla have two gorgeous children..That's there daughter Filomenaleonisa in the top picture, she was a flower girl.
When I heard the wedding colors were red and purple, I freaked out..what a color combination...but everything actually looked really pretty!
The Bride and Groom...Stanley looked sharp in his Air force uniform and Pricilla looked Gorgeous in her gown (baby bump and all..he he)
My camera started running low on batteries so the pictures got pretty blurry half way through the reception...



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Forgotten said...

The wedding looks beautiful, as does the bride and flower girl! Very nice!

Anonymous said...

nice wedding pictures,, I have a first cousin named stanley Iakopo but would you asked him if he remember Gauta fogamoni from onenoa, american samoa..if yes tell him to email me @


Annie said...

Hello Ms.Tamara,
I am Annie A. just wondering if you could ask you simple questions based on what i'm trying to find out. I know that you'd be a big help, since you know Stanley Iakopo. I don't mean to be disrespectful, but I really need your e-mail address. Your answers all i need, it means a lot to me if you would just help me out :) here's my email address:*

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