Thursday, September 25, 2008

*UPDATE* Ask and you Shall Recieve...

WOW! Everyone has been really generous! But we still need a few more things to pull off the Harvest Carnival. Below is an updated list :

Balloons - (We have one donor already, but need a little more for the games)
Darts (plastic with metal tips)
Face Paint
Paint Brushes (for face painting booth)
Buckets (6)
Candies (Were gonna need a lot of these!)

And on another note, Beautify CNMI Donated some exterior paint for us to beautify and paint the exterior of the old Pacific Castle Building. THANK YOU SO VERY VERY MUCH!!!!!!!

we will probably need another 20 or so gallons of exterior paint for the entire building so if anyone has some extra laying around, please let me know!!!!

Many, many, many thanks to everyone and have a great weekend!!!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

One of the Nicest Couples you'll ever meet!

Michael and Annie Brazel..They celebrate their birthday's a couple days apart so we had a little surprise party for them Friday night at Pastor Cliff & Denise House.

Father and long lost son...Just kidding..It's Ulu and Garett, but don't you think they could pass for Father & Son (or brothers as Ulu prefers..he he). They are both incredibly musically talented too!

The Chinese performed a dance number for Ms. Annie & Mike.

Everyone showed up to celebrate!

Yummy Chocolate cake!

Ms. Annie comes in the front door and is SURPRISED!

Some of the delicious spread Denise made for us.
Singing Happy Birthday!
Mike came in the side door and was just as SURPRISED!
Annie THANKS everyone!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Ask and you shall receive...

It seems like I'm always asking for things lately...I have never been know as a person who asks for donations or help (unless your name is "mom"..ha ha) But lately
since I have gotten involved in some extracaricular activities, Ive found myself
asking for more help than usual...and I am so gratefull that each time I have
asked I have been totally blessed by someone who was able to assist!!!!

So anyway, since I seem to be on a roll, I'm going to come right out and ASK again..Our Church is having a Harvest Carnival on October 31st. There will be a "trick or trunk" for the children, Free carnival games for the kids, Face painting booth, and Live entertainment. Everything will be free except for a small food booth that will be selling hotdogs, popcorn and drinks at a very minimal cost.

This will be the first annual Harvest Carnival for our church. We are hoping to have a good turn out and help aliviate some of the Trick or Treat stress from Tototville.

Anyway, in order to pull this off we need quite a few donations and I have gratiously
accepted to be the Chairperson for the Solicitation and Donation Committee...

Follows is a list of items we really, really need for our carnival. If anyone can help, even in the smallest way, I would soooooo appreciate it. Even if you can't donate yourself, if you can pass the word on to others or point me in the direction of someone you may know who can, I woudl so appreciate it!!!!

Darts (plastic with metal tips)
Face Paint
Paint Brushes (for face painting booth)
Buckets (6)

I think thats about it for now...Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide...And if your not busy on October 31st, please do bring your family down to our Carnival!!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Some Photo's from the Rally...

My name is Tamara Lynn Hunter and I approve this message!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


This past Sunday my friend Kathy invited me to her pool for a BBQ. She doesn't attend the church I do, but she said I could bring some of the youth from our church. We all had an awesome, awesome time!!!

As you can see, the boys enjoyed the pool so very much! They loved the water slide and they loved jumping off the rocks into the water.
For some of them it was their first time to try a water slide. I even tried it...but I sure ain't posting any pictures of that..ha ha ha
We really had fun!!! And it was so super gracious of Kathy to invite all of us over. The BBQ was off the hook!! Kathy and her family enjoyed the day just as much and invited us back next Sunday..Thanks again Kathy!!!! I am soooo looking forward to next Sunday!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Buh Bye Fattie, fattie 2 by 4!

The final weigh in for the Body Success Challenge was this Sunday. I must say I felt a lot more confident in my shorts and tank top then I felt when the initial "BEFORE" picture was taken and I jetted as fast as I could from the little dressing room straight into the aerobics room where the pictures were being taken hoping no one would see me : )

Well, the results (drum roll please)

I dropped 20.5 lbs...5 inches off my waist and one inch off my thighs and an inch off my calf...

Not bad! My goal was 30lbs, but I'm really happy with my results and even though the contest is over, I'm not done yet...I hope to drop another 20 before my next B-day.

I don't know if I won any of the prizes yet..the winners will be announced next weekend..but my family thinks I'm a winner already and thet's all that really matters

How did the rest of you do? Do tell!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I haven't been blogging much lately...Work for one has been keeping me really busy! We are almost done with the Gov. Group Life open enrollment. If your a Gov. employee and you haven't enrolled yet, you better get to only have till Sept. 30. After that you will be subject to medical underwriting and the rates for the optional coverages will go up.

Another reason I don't have much to blog about is that things have just gotten so depressing...I have another $900 plus power bill and I just can't understand why..With power out most of the day and night you would think it would go down...but no such luck.

The whole situation with the Marine Monument is depressing too! I watched the news last night and was so disappointed and disgusted!!! I wanted to scream! Do these people have a clue????? How long does or will it take them to figure out that we WANT...we NEED to protect our oceans!!! I'm mad at myself because I actually voted for one of them...thinking that he would be diffrent..he would stand up for what is right...but nooooooooooo, I was wrong! He will never get my vote ever again!

On the brighter side, Ive been doing a lot of work with our church and the youth and Im really enjoying it...we have a big 10th anniversary coming up and we will celebrate it with a Harvest carnival for the community. Im excited and it looks like our prayers may be answered and our church will be painted before that all goes down. We have been busy cleaning the property and planting trees...I will post some pictures soon.

The end of the Body Success Challenge aka Saipan's Biggest Looser is this Sunday..the final weigh in...I don't think I won, actually I have no clue how many pounds I dropped the last 3 months...I know I dropped some, and I have definitely learned to eat much healthier so I have accomplished my goals. I haven't weighed myself since the initial weigh in, but I would estimate I have dropped a good 15 lbs...about half of my goal...I can't wait till Sunday to find out...I will let you all know how I or loose, it was worth it just to start eating healthier.

Well, thats the update for now...sorry no pictures but my laptop is full and I can't download for now...

Have a hopefully cool and bright evening!

Monday, September 8, 2008

CUC Protest.
Wednesday, Sep.
17, 530pm,
Garapan Fishing
Contact Ed Propst
for more details.
Please pass it on.
reliable power

Friday, September 5, 2008


No, I'm not the "WAX" grafitti artist that's been hitting up Joeten and Ebisuya's walls.

Our church really, really, really needs to be painted so we are looking for anyone who has excess paint (exterior) that they may want to donate or sell for a discounted

We have a little which was donated by a kind fellow in Kagman, but we need quite a bit more.

Please, please, please let me know if you can assist!