Thursday, September 25, 2008

*UPDATE* Ask and you Shall Recieve...

WOW! Everyone has been really generous! But we still need a few more things to pull off the Harvest Carnival. Below is an updated list :

Balloons - (We have one donor already, but need a little more for the games)
Darts (plastic with metal tips)
Face Paint
Paint Brushes (for face painting booth)
Buckets (6)
Candies (Were gonna need a lot of these!)

And on another note, Beautify CNMI Donated some exterior paint for us to beautify and paint the exterior of the old Pacific Castle Building. THANK YOU SO VERY VERY MUCH!!!!!!!

we will probably need another 20 or so gallons of exterior paint for the entire building so if anyone has some extra laying around, please let me know!!!!

Many, many, many thanks to everyone and have a great weekend!!!!


bigsoxfan said...

China has gone too far this time. Check this out In sum, they have managed to pollute Mr Brown and probably my beloved MacCoffee as well. So, lay off the Mr Brown.

Boni said...

What kind of bubbles? Individual?

tamara said...

Yes, individual bubbles. We are going to use them for the children's booth to keep the little ones busy.