Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I haven't been blogging much lately...Work for one has been keeping me really busy! We are almost done with the Gov. Group Life open enrollment. If your a Gov. employee and you haven't enrolled yet, you better get to only have till Sept. 30. After that you will be subject to medical underwriting and the rates for the optional coverages will go up.

Another reason I don't have much to blog about is that things have just gotten so depressing...I have another $900 plus power bill and I just can't understand why..With power out most of the day and night you would think it would go down...but no such luck.

The whole situation with the Marine Monument is depressing too! I watched the news last night and was so disappointed and disgusted!!! I wanted to scream! Do these people have a clue????? How long does or will it take them to figure out that we WANT...we NEED to protect our oceans!!! I'm mad at myself because I actually voted for one of them...thinking that he would be diffrent..he would stand up for what is right...but nooooooooooo, I was wrong! He will never get my vote ever again!

On the brighter side, Ive been doing a lot of work with our church and the youth and Im really enjoying it...we have a big 10th anniversary coming up and we will celebrate it with a Harvest carnival for the community. Im excited and it looks like our prayers may be answered and our church will be painted before that all goes down. We have been busy cleaning the property and planting trees...I will post some pictures soon.

The end of the Body Success Challenge aka Saipan's Biggest Looser is this Sunday..the final weigh in...I don't think I won, actually I have no clue how many pounds I dropped the last 3 months...I know I dropped some, and I have definitely learned to eat much healthier so I have accomplished my goals. I haven't weighed myself since the initial weigh in, but I would estimate I have dropped a good 15 lbs...about half of my goal...I can't wait till Sunday to find out...I will let you all know how I or loose, it was worth it just to start eating healthier.

Well, thats the update for now...sorry no pictures but my laptop is full and I can't download for now...

Have a hopefully cool and bright evening!

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