Thursday, September 18, 2008

Ask and you shall receive...

It seems like I'm always asking for things lately...I have never been know as a person who asks for donations or help (unless your name is "mom"..ha ha) But lately
since I have gotten involved in some extracaricular activities, Ive found myself
asking for more help than usual...and I am so gratefull that each time I have
asked I have been totally blessed by someone who was able to assist!!!!

So anyway, since I seem to be on a roll, I'm going to come right out and ASK again..Our Church is having a Harvest Carnival on October 31st. There will be a "trick or trunk" for the children, Free carnival games for the kids, Face painting booth, and Live entertainment. Everything will be free except for a small food booth that will be selling hotdogs, popcorn and drinks at a very minimal cost.

This will be the first annual Harvest Carnival for our church. We are hoping to have a good turn out and help aliviate some of the Trick or Treat stress from Tototville.

Anyway, in order to pull this off we need quite a few donations and I have gratiously
accepted to be the Chairperson for the Solicitation and Donation Committee...

Follows is a list of items we really, really need for our carnival. If anyone can help, even in the smallest way, I would soooooo appreciate it. Even if you can't donate yourself, if you can pass the word on to others or point me in the direction of someone you may know who can, I woudl so appreciate it!!!!

Darts (plastic with metal tips)
Face Paint
Paint Brushes (for face painting booth)
Buckets (6)

I think thats about it for now...Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide...And if your not busy on October 31st, please do bring your family down to our Carnival!!!


G'ma said...

clarification please...what size of nails? bubbles? are these the ones kids play blowing bubbles? sponges with scrubbers on one side or just plain sponges? I'll give you my contributions. Love You!

Tamara said...


Nails- I know nothing about sizes, but think booth building..hammering into plywood and two x fours, and thats the type of nails we need.

Bubbles for blowing- For the kiddie booth we are going to set up for the younger children

sponges without scrubbers please! They are going to be thrown at someones face in one of the games and I think hitting someone in the face with a wet scrubber would constitute cruel and unusual punishment..

and last but not least...I will take any contributions..Im sure if you search around your house you can find half the stuff I need..ha ha ha ha...Love you!

G'ma said...

:-) Because you know your mom too well...:-)
'Okey-dokey! Got it!!! Yes, I will immediately start the 'search'. I still want your T-Shirt...and will wear it too :-) The promoters (Angelo r u reading?) should want to see as many old ladies wearing the T-shirts :-)
Love You, Sweetie!

Boni said...

I have some (not much) but some prizes you could use. I'll bring em over with the stamps when I FINALLY switch over my life insurance:)

Tamara said...

OH Thank You Boni!!!

Yes, you better get that taken care of before Sept. 30. Just come in any time between 8:30 and 5:30.

The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

I can donate drinking water. Just swing by the office to pick it up.

Tamara said...

Man your on a role Sblogger!!!

I could definitely use drinking water! Email me whens the best time..

Many Thanks!