Sunday, June 29, 2008


I've created a new blog specifically for my cards and crafts. Check it out!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Turtle turtle...

Made with my "PIF" stamp and paper from Kristine..I love this stamp!

SBL Lesson #2

Muscles that have been sleeping for ages HATE being woken up!

Monday, June 23, 2008

New Card..sssss

I have been so busy over the past few weeks, I haven't had a chance to make
any new cards..I received my order from Stampin' up! and can't wait to try
everything out..Here are a couple of rush cards I made to send out right away..

This one I made especially for Tia when she left...
This one I will be sending to one of my "PIF" winners..I used my new "flip flop" cute!
I wish I had as much time in the day as I have ideas for cards I want to make *sigh*

It was under my bed all this time...

Sunday, June 22, 2008


If you read my post on "PIF" last week, part of the deal when I received my "PIF" from Kristine was that I had to "PIF" three people. So, last Friday I put the names of all my June commenters into a box and had one of my staff draw three names..They were Boni, Kirida & Lewie. Sooo, today I will deliver my PIF packages (and mail Kirida's)..

If your up to playing along PIF to three people! It's so much fun!

*UPDATE* Boni, where are you? I forgot it's summer vacation..Can you email and let me know where I can find you during the summer...please : )

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

20 Years...

Tomorrow is our big Reunion Dinner, I probably won't be able to make it..It's Tia's last day on island. She leaves back to Washington and her check in is at 2am in the morning...The class is also having a family picnic on Sunday and I will attend that..Should be interesting to see some of the old classmates...A lot of us still live on Saipan, but haven't seen each other in years..

Here's a picture of my old "gang"..

Angela Yamashita (Now Santos) she's the top HR person over at PIC Hotel, at the back is Eva Sablan (Tina's older sister) who lives in the USA now with her two children, in the middle Jennifer Mafnas (daughter of the late Jesus Mafnas who died in the plane crash with Larry Hillbloom) She's at teacher at Tanapag School and is married to another of our classmates, Richard Villagomez and they have 3 children..and of course ME! In the sweater..I was always trying to do something to make my uniform look different..sweaters, jackets, buttons, etc..I did not want to conform..and I'm pretty sure my skirt wasn't regulatory length either...ha ha

Fun times, fun times!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Oh Happy Day!

WOW! I Love love love getting packages in the mail! Today I was pleasantly surprise when I got two!!!! One was my order from they ship fast!!! I only ordered these last week...I received some new summer colored card stock, a bunch of pretty inks for stamping, some flower brads and a mat stack of pretty pretty paper..I HEART PRETTY PAPER! I can't wait to have some quiet time to play with all my goodies...
A couple weeks ago, I joined in this little Internet game called "Pay it forward" ...You post a blog telling people about paying it forward, then either choose the top three commenter's or randomly draw three to "pay it forward" to. When they receive your package, you in turn "Pay if forward" to three of your commenters...Soooooooo, I was picked and I received a super cool "Pay if Forward" envelope in the mail that included a ton of cute stamped images to use in making my cards, a package of paper scraps, some gorgeous stickers and a pack of watermelon gum..yum!
Thank you very much Kristine Breach from Madras, Oregon! The stuff you sent me was super cute!! I love it all! Sooooooooo, it's my turn to "Pay it forward" ..On Friday I will draw three names from commenter's who have visited my page and left a comment on any of my blogs for the month of June...So you still have a chance to get your name in...just comment me!

Happy Day Everyone!

Weekend Review

Kinda late, but I've been really really busy!

My BFAM (and father..ha ha) Got married on Saturday..
Congratulations Danny & Evita Punimata!

Another one of my BFAM's, Chris Kaipat, arrived Friday morning (3am) to play for the wedding and show his new GF around our lovely island..

Sunday was of course Father's Day..We woke up pretty early..too early for brunch and everyone was starving, so we headed to Jay's for breakfast. Then Ulu took a ride around the island on his Father's Day Gift..After that we met up with the newlyweds for a day of swimming at the PIC...followed by dinner with the family at Truong's and then the carnival..After the carnival we took the kids and Chris n Val for Crepe's at Shirley's..Nothing better than ice cream filled crepe's at midnight : ) That was my last taste of ice cream for a long while too...

It was a busy weekend, but loads of fun as usual.

Tia leaves back to Oregon on Saturday..*tears*

*BFAM=Brother from another mother : )


Dear Friends,

We would like to invite you all to join us tonight, Tuesday, June 17, 6PM, at the multi-purpose building in Susupe for a community forum on CUC.

The bottom line is, we are several years away from an alternative source of energy. Whether it be wind, waves, geothermal, solar, or nuclear power, the CNMI won't be harnessing alternative power to run our utilities anytime soon.

So what do we do in the meantime? What are some things our leaders must do to save more businesses from closing because of outrageous utilities costs? What can residents do to keep their power on?

We don't have definitive answers for these and other questions regarding our utilities. But we do have suggestions. We also have a short list of reasonable demands with potential consequences.

There are pessimists and critics out there who scoff at the notion of ordinary citizens coming together. Some have said all we will do is talk, and that nothing will be accomplished by this forum. For those who are frustrated, angry, and have lost faith in anything good coming our way, I want to tell you something that was told to me by a loving parent: "God only helps those who help themselves."

We can sit around and complain and accomplish nothing, or we can come together as ordinary citizens and make extraordinary things happen. As an ordinary citizen, I ask that you join us.

If you have any questions, please contact me at 483-7361 or e-mail me at

Ed Propst
Concerned Citizen

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Lesson #1

What I have learned on day 1 of my new diet :

Drinking water makes you pee a lot!

: )~

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Saipan's Biggest Loser or Body Success Challenge...whatever you want to call it...

I DID IT! I went in today, signed up and payed my registration for Golds Gym's Saipan's Biggest Looser Contest..Then I did what had to be the most humiliating thing I have ever had to do in my life..I had the "BEFORE" pictures, measurements and weight taken....and I had to have the pictures taken TWICE, cause the first time was too close...The humiliating part is comes the hard part..loosing the weight...The contest starts on monday, which is a good thing since I have a wedding to attend tomorrow and Father's Day on last brunch..he he..

I wanted to look at the "BEFORE" pictures but I was too mortified to ask..I had to sit in the waiting area in my shorts and tank top for 10 minutes waiting for my turn...that was bad enough..*sigh* I just kept trying to focus on the "AFTER" pictures and the possibility of winning $1,500.00 ....wish me luck!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

You Don't Mess with the Zohan!

OMG! If you want or need a good laugh, you have to go see this was too funny! I love Adam Sandler so maybe I'm a bit biased, but my cheecks were hurting
after watching this last night...

Is it just me, or does Adam Sandler's body look a lot buffer than usual? I don't know but he sure looked good in the movie....Aside from the 80's Paul Mitchell Hair cut of course...he he

Monday, June 9, 2008

A list...My list

Every year when Christmas or Birthday rolls around, my family starts asking me what I want....and I usually don't want anything...or at least I can't think of anything I really want...Last year I asked for a fishing pole and a BB Gun (which I got..both) cause I really couldn't think of anything else that I really needed or wanted (Aside from a digital camera that was wayyyyyyyyy over everyone's budget including my own : ) Anyway...I came across something a little more affordable that I "want" today...

It's a super awesome, super small, super cute camcorder...and there is one that has my name on just wont be shipped to me till December or January...ha ha ha..

Go check it out!


Thankfully, I seem to have shaken this flu really quick..It hit Tia n Ulu for two weeks, but I managed to get through it in just 4 days : ) Yeah!!!

So in honor of my speedy recovery I'm posting some pictures of things that made me smile this past week...

Two cute Party girls...Arro Hunter, my niece and Tatiana, my baby girl celebrating Arro's momma's birthday at China House.
Flame Trees in full bloom..I had to take some pictures for our new advertising campaign and this one came out so gorgeous!! Our Flame Trees in full bloom are absolutely amazing!

My ubber cool niece Brianna...chillin' like a villan' @ China House...he he


My new Hula penguin girl stamp that I ordered from a shop on eBay...and my latest creation.
Have an awesome Tuesday everyone...and remember to SMILE!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Sick as a dog...

I have the flu...Ulu and Tia both have had it for almost two weeks..They went in and got antibiotics and cough medicine and they still have it..but they are getting better, and I am getting worse..I had being sick! There is so much going on and I'm stuck in bed missing it : ( *ACHOO*

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Actually, I just love that movie, so I wanted to use that line...What I'm really looking for is One Pass miles...I'm just about to purchase an ubber expensive ticket for my baby girl back to Seattle, and I was thinking if I could find someone willing to sell their One Pass miles for a good deal maybe I could also save some money by purchasing them???? Anyhoo...I would need 60,000 miles and you could email me if your interested with how much you would be willing to sell them can email me at if you or anyone you know is interested...I would need to know right away because with One pass seating is limited, but I did check on line and there are seats available with one pass on the date she wants to leave...

Anyhoo....Just putting this out there for anyone who may want to make some money.


Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Tami is fun!

My brother shared with me one of my nieces entries into her diary. She's such a smart girl! I'm the one with the red hair..ha ha..and she's the one shopping with me..

*Note : The contents of my shopping cart played no part in my nieces decision to write this journal entry or in any of her views or opinions : )~


Obama has 2111 delegates. He has made it!!!

Clinton is still refusing to step down...


Kinda funny...Many contract workers who thought they were ineligible to receive an economic stimulus check were pleasantly surprised when they found one in the mail last Friday..including a Friend of ours' housekeeper...

The funny part, my fiance didn't get a check, he got a letter telling him he had thirty days to report to Rev and Tax and show proof that he was a US citizen and resident of Saipan or he wouldn't receive a check...Of course he is a US citizen as well as a going on 4 year resident of we trekked to Rev and Tax to find out what was going on...needless to say the place was a MAD HOUSE! Fortunately we found someone to assist us right away, and they took a copy of Ulu's passport and we were on our way...

I did ask, why he was singled out to have to come in to proof he was a US citizen when so many others are not..they couldn't give me a clear answer and said it was probably because of his name???? Hrmmmm...

That's what he gets for having a first name for a last name (Henry) I guess...

well, just thought that was kinda funny.... Did anyone else get that letter?

Monday, June 2, 2008

My Graduates...

Savali Talalemotu, pictured here with one of his you can see, at 13 years and 6' tall, he is larger than the average boy..ha ha...He graduated with NJHS honors and was awarded the Presidential Gold Award for Academic Excellence! He now heads to High School.
Mirika Talalemotu, pictured here with her Grandmother. She graduated #3 in a class of 120. She took the top honor for Science as well as certificate for "A" honor roll and Presidential Gold award for acedemic excellence. She's awesome!

As you can probably tell, I am a very proud momma right now!