Sunday, June 22, 2008


If you read my post on "PIF" last week, part of the deal when I received my "PIF" from Kristine was that I had to "PIF" three people. So, last Friday I put the names of all my June commenters into a box and had one of my staff draw three names..They were Boni, Kirida & Lewie. Sooo, today I will deliver my PIF packages (and mail Kirida's)..

If your up to playing along PIF to three people! It's so much fun!

*UPDATE* Boni, where are you? I forgot it's summer vacation..Can you email and let me know where I can find you during the summer...please : )


Boni said...

I'm still at GES, I work all year long girl. I'll be with my mom in the PI though for a week starting Wednesday. YAHOOO, I WON!!!

Tamara said...

Ok..I called today and they told me you weren't in...I will try to catch you this afternoon or tomorrow morning..THANKS!

tamara said...

Boni, you were out so the delivery guy left it with the librarian? At least he thought she was the librarian..She said she would give you the package. Have a great day!