Wednesday, June 18, 2008

20 Years...

Tomorrow is our big Reunion Dinner, I probably won't be able to make it..It's Tia's last day on island. She leaves back to Washington and her check in is at 2am in the morning...The class is also having a family picnic on Sunday and I will attend that..Should be interesting to see some of the old classmates...A lot of us still live on Saipan, but haven't seen each other in years..

Here's a picture of my old "gang"..

Angela Yamashita (Now Santos) she's the top HR person over at PIC Hotel, at the back is Eva Sablan (Tina's older sister) who lives in the USA now with her two children, in the middle Jennifer Mafnas (daughter of the late Jesus Mafnas who died in the plane crash with Larry Hillbloom) She's at teacher at Tanapag School and is married to another of our classmates, Richard Villagomez and they have 3 children..and of course ME! In the sweater..I was always trying to do something to make my uniform look different..sweaters, jackets, buttons, etc..I did not want to conform..and I'm pretty sure my skirt wasn't regulatory length either...ha ha

Fun times, fun times!

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glend558 said...

The fearsome foursome! Bet you had a lotta fun.