Monday, June 16, 2008

Weekend Review

Kinda late, but I've been really really busy!

My BFAM (and father..ha ha) Got married on Saturday..
Congratulations Danny & Evita Punimata!

Another one of my BFAM's, Chris Kaipat, arrived Friday morning (3am) to play for the wedding and show his new GF around our lovely island..

Sunday was of course Father's Day..We woke up pretty early..too early for brunch and everyone was starving, so we headed to Jay's for breakfast. Then Ulu took a ride around the island on his Father's Day Gift..After that we met up with the newlyweds for a day of swimming at the PIC...followed by dinner with the family at Truong's and then the carnival..After the carnival we took the kids and Chris n Val for Crepe's at Shirley's..Nothing better than ice cream filled crepe's at midnight : ) That was my last taste of ice cream for a long while too...

It was a busy weekend, but loads of fun as usual.

Tia leaves back to Oregon on Saturday..*tears*

*BFAM=Brother from another mother : )


Boni said...

We spent some time with Chris and Valerie too. Don't you just loooove love stories?

Tamara said...

OMG! Yes!!! And I saw some of the pictures..You look absolutely Gorgeous! You really do!!!

Boni said...

Oh no they didn't!! They told us that you and Ulu gave them a heart to heart. That was so nice. Next time, we need to get together. Thanks for the compliment, its just the reflection of the gorgeous people that surround me.