Wednesday, October 31, 2007




HE HE HE.....

A note to Tina Sablan & Glen Hunter

I am soooooooo PROUD of the two of you!!!!!!! Thank you for taking the time to go over the entire Saipan Casino Act and dissect it and explain it to us section by section in plain simple English. Thank you for standing up for what you believe is right. Thank you for caring about our island, our people and our future enough to take the time out of your already very busy schedules to explain to people why this particular Act is so very wrong.

For anyone in the blogisphere that would like to read their editorial you can find it

Awesome job guys!!!!! Love ya!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Best Costume of the Day

Senator Luis P. Crisostomo

Yet another one....



Monday, October 29, 2007

1 week, 3lbs

Today I have officially been on my diet one full week...I weighed in this morning and I lost 3lbs..Which was kind of dissapointing..I was hoping to drop at least 5-7 the first week. I have really been sticking to my diet. I've cut out all fried foods, I mainly eat vegetables and chicken, I massively cut back on diet sodas and have stuck mainly to flavored water and tea (with no sugar). I have to admit, I still have not been able to give up my coffee..I usually drink a Mr. Brown Ice coffee in the mornings and a couple of cups of hot coffee throughout the day...But I have cut down to one spoon of cream and one spoon of sugar...Perhaps my body is still adjusting...

I did a lot of walking this weekend at the stores shopping for halloween costumes, at the electrical saving expo, at the tattoo expo...but I have not incorporated regular exercise into my diet yet..SOooooo, tomorrow I plan to start with the regular exercise so if you see me going up or down Kagman's main strip, please do not run me over! :)

30-3=27 lbs to go by January 23rd...

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Trick or Treat???

Yes, I'm still blogging about Halloween, one of my favorite Holidays of the year. You know it must be right around the corner when you see this on the road. This crazy kid had his head out the window in the car in front of me last night and was waving and wishing everyone a happy Halloween...too funny!

Hmmm...the car and the kid look very familiar....

Saipan Ink

Sights from this weekends 1st tatu Festival...

Brandy and Me with the "Dragon"

Dragon Edong


Stan gets some ink..


An awsome Tat by World Tattoo Saipan

I think this guy was from France...Nice Ink!

A turtle..I had to watch this one of course :)

The festival was very cool! I thought they should have had a bigger venue or done it outside since it was such a beautiful day..but other than that, it was pretty awesome! Dragon Edong did a GREAT job!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Halloween Costumes

I won't be wearing this year.....

Hello Kitty meets Darth Vader

I would die if I wore this and someone asked me "Why didn't you dress up this year?" ACK!

Suicide Bomber...I'd probably get beaten up if I wore this...


The scratch paper monster....

Maybe next year....after my diet....NO, maybe not!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Maybe I don't need to go on a diet afterall???!!!???

ha ha ha! Day one down and half way through day two and I seem to be doing ok...haven't eaten any rice or junk food at all...I was even able to control myself while Ulu and the kids ate a pack of mini snickers infront of me last night. I did drink one diet coke (couldn't keep myself away from it). Today was salad for lunch and Arizona diet Green tea...Which I'm not digging! It's way too sweet! It's the "Splenda" they use in it. I'm going to get some Crystal Light tonight and try that. I'm not going to weigh myself again till next Tuesday (and I won't use the above method.ha ha). Got some good tips from several people...much appreciate!
2,4,6,8 DAMN Shucks its hard to loose this weight!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Real woman have curves...

But mine are out of control!!!

I'm sure I have put on at least 25lbs this year and its time to take it all off and then today is the official start of my diet (aghh, I hate that word!) The plan is to drop 30 pounds by my birthday, 90 days from now..I have never been able to stick to a diet or a work out plan before...I'd do it for a day or two..sometimes a week, then I would give up. I normally eat whatever I want to eat whenever I want to..but at my age, I really can't be doing that any more. My metabolism has slowed wayyyy down. I'm starting to get lower back aches and I swear at nights when I can't sleep I hear my subconscious "skinny me" saying "HELP! Get me out of here!"

I don't think I have drank a glass of water in over 10 years (ok maybe I have on occasion, but I'm sure never more than one glass on any given day). My daily refreshments consist of Mr. Brown Ice Coffee, Hot coffee, Coke Zero and Ice tea (with sugar).

Since I can never stick to a diet on my own, I thought that maybe if I blog about it, and I know that the people who read my blog know that I'm suppose to be on this "diet" maybe it will motivate me to stick with it this time...accountability of sorts??.. We shall see..I was going to post my starting weight, but after typing the number and then deleting it 4 times, I realized that I don't have the guts to do that just yet..ha ha..maybe at the end of the 90 days when I've reached my goal..but I am posting the Jenny Craig requisite "before" picture....

The "Before" Shot :( the "After" shot to follow in 90 days

Water, fish and rabbit food here I come...

Sunday, October 21, 2007


I finally got to meet Harry Blalock in person. (Yes, I am one of 5 people left on Saipan who have never actually met him before..he he).I was very surprised when he walked into my office this afternoon and asked to see me. I had been taking a quick lunch/snack break and had a mouth full of Breadfruit chips (which I bought at Marg's bakery for a buck fifty and which are really good!)..Anyway, so he walked up to my desk, I chewed and swallowed the breadfruit chips as fast as I could, reached out to shake his hand and said "I know who you are, (DUH!) nice to finally meet you in person" and he handed me a spondylus shell...OMG! How cool is that???!!! I had mentioned to him in a comment on his blog today that I had never seen a live Spondylus before but that my children loved to collect pieces of spodylus shells at Obyan beach. They usually have a little contest between the two of them to see who can collect the most spondylus or who can find the biggest, nicest piece...My son has in fact found a couple of spondylus beads used by ancient chamorro's for money and jewelry at Obyan beach. So, it was very very cool that Harry would take the time to come by my office and actually give me a fully intact half shell...very cool and much appreciated!!! I'm going to bring it home today and show it to the kids. It will be their first time to see a whole spondylus shell too, so I'm sure they will think it's as "cool" as I do (and I'm sure they will argue over who gets to keep it..he he). :)

My spondylus shell from Harry.

Jewelry made with Spondylus beads (The orange colored ones are spondylus)

My half eaten bag of breadfruit chips :)
Thank you again Harry!

Fishing Pictures

I wasn't sleeping while fishing ok...just blinked when the picture was taken :)

Hey, those fish have too many bones for Sashimi

Ai, these crazy fishermen (and one fisherwoman who is cropped from the picture..teehee)!

Ohhhh, enough fish for the whole neighborhood!

Thanks mom & Will for the pictures and for the fishing trip!

Weekend Review...

My brother Will took us fishing again today. I LOVEEEEEEEEEEE fishing so I was very happy! Caught some mafuti, lapu lapu, goat fish and several other varieties of bottom fish.. I forgot to put the memory card back in my camera though, and I had no memory available to take pictures so I was not happy about that. My mom got a couple of pictures of us with our fish when we got in, so hopefully she will email those to me. In the meantime here are some other pictures from the weekend....

Took the kids to eat at Beach Garden BBQ

The kids like to eat there because they get to cook their own food...

At least that's what they say, but the adults seem to always end up doing the cooking..

We had some GORGEOUS sunsets this weekend!

and the days weren't too bad either...

Ulu played at the Hafa Adai Cultural Center so we had dinner there one night...
and I got to watch the Ali'i dance group perform again :)
The Tourists were having a blast!

And of course, vali got to carve his first Jack-o-skeleton for Halloween this weekend...can't forget about that!

Another awesome weekend down. It's back to work tomorrow...aggh! :)