Friday, October 19, 2007

The sun sets on a sad day....

So far so good we still living today
But we don't know what tomorrow brings
In this crazy world
People dying like flies every day
You read about it in the news
But you don't believe it
You'll only know about it
When the man in the long black coat
Knocks on your door
'Cause you`re his next victim
As you are living in this
Living in, living in this crazy world
~lucky dube
~Rest in Peace~


G'ma said...

A bit macabre (sp?) don't you think? Besides, I don't expect to be met by the dark-cloaked one when my time comes :-) It'll be the other one in the bright halo

G'ma said...


Tamara said...

Those are the lyrics from Lucky Dube's song "crazy world"...He was killed yesterday..Shot infront of his son by Highjackers...He was a very talented man..very sad!

lil_hammerhead said...

People die.. get over it. The sunset is beautiful. Rejoice!

G'ma said...

OOPS! Sorry...had no idea. Guess his song "crazy world" says it all.
Very sad, indeed.