Sunday, October 28, 2007

Saipan Ink

Sights from this weekends 1st tatu Festival...

Brandy and Me with the "Dragon"

Dragon Edong


Stan gets some ink..


An awsome Tat by World Tattoo Saipan

I think this guy was from France...Nice Ink!

A turtle..I had to watch this one of course :)

The festival was very cool! I thought they should have had a bigger venue or done it outside since it was such a beautiful day..but other than that, it was pretty awesome! Dragon Edong did a GREAT job!


hello insomnia said...

Did Brandee get a Dora tattoo?

Anonymous said...

MMMAaaNNN! i wish i was there.

Tamara said...

Mona- Actually she wanted to get one that said "I LOVE MOM" across her chest, but I talked her out of it because if she takes after her aunty Tami by the time shes 12 it will say I love MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!

glend558 said...

Tamara: I ask Lil this but she didn't reply so I'll ask you since you went to the tat show too.
Did they have,
Tit Tat's Too? Tee hee hee
Thats a quote from you...

Tamara said...

ha ha..If they did, I didn't see any or take any pictures of them :) I didn't know lil was there too...where in the world would she put a tattoo???? :)

hello insomnia said...

I hear that Tami. I had a grape put on a few years ago and now it is a watermelon.

lil_hammerhead said...

I got an ass tat.