Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I may not be an actress but I can be a Transformer!

I came across this blog while "googling". It's pretty cool. Some guy put together the top 10 transformations of actors for movies. Some are amazing...they gain and drop weight in a breeze..

My biggest transformation??

From Blond hair & Blue eyes

To Black Hair and Green Eyes

The transformation was not for a movie (hehe), but for my real life role of recently divorced single mother looking for a new husband....ha ha ha (this of course was several years ago...I am now happily engaged and have settled into my current auburnish hair, natural green eye look.. ; )~


G'ma said...

NATURAL LOOK IS ALWAYS THE BEST! especially when you're young and beautiful...(even for some lucky old folks :-) ).
Be yourself and you won't waste the time,effort, and money trying to be different...unless it's obsolutely nescessary for aestetic reason or whatever...hehehe
"IF IT'S NOT BROKEN..." don't try to fix it! Don't mess with it! Don't try to change it! LEAVE IT BE! :-)
Sage advice from your wise OLD mom

Anonymous said...

You're a nice looking woman, but stop with the eyebrow trimming thing. It just looks strange. It's a bad idea. It's something old women do. I don't say that to be mean, but to be helpful.

Tamara said...

Thansks for the advice..these pictures are from a couple years ago and I have since realized that eyebrows that look like they were drawn on with a sharpie marker are not becoming...My tweezers have not fully retired, but they have gotten a much deserved break :)