Monday, October 8, 2007

Weekend Review

I enjoyed the nice long weekend..Spent most of it either on the dock jumping into the water or in the water on the beach...I have a nice redish bronze tanburn to show for it..Took the kids to the dock Saturday and Sunday and for the Holiday we decided to try some pole fishing...We weren't too successful but I think that in part to we fished for a couple minutes then swam for a couple hours then fished for a couple minutes then swam for a couple hours.. :) All in all it was much fun..taking the kids to beach always is though...I grew up on the beach in San Antonio Village and I can remember summers and weekends we would walk across the street to the beach in the morning and we wouldn't be seen again till my father rang his "dinner bell" ..yes, he had this HUGE, loud bell and where ever we may be or whatever we might be up to, as soon as we heard that bell ringing that meant get your butt home and double time! It's funny because we didn't think anything of it at the time, but I now wonder what the neighborhood was thinking every time they heard that bell...probably thought the school or church were having a fire drill..he he...

Today I have the beginning of what I think is going to be the flu...YUK! Sore throat, and a slight runny nose...It's been going around my office so I guess its my turn...I just hate being sick!

Was able to get in a few movies in the evenings..saw

Roger Ebert gave it 2 1/2 stars ( ) . I'd give it 4. I liked it. It was an inspiring movie and my kids liked it too, so I would recommend it!


I enjoyed this movie too. It dragged on in some parts, and made me cry in others. I love Adam Sandler though, so my opinion is biased :) Maxim Entertainment gave it 4 1/2 stars ( ) and I would have to agree!

Well, hopefully I will shake these flu symptoms and it won't turn into a full blown cold. There are only four days of work till the weekend is here again and I have plans that don't include staying home with a bottle of NyQuil and a box of tissue! :)

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