Saturday, October 13, 2007


Took my mom to Sabalu Market yesterday...I haven't been there for awhile. I was really impressed with the variety of vegetables they had to offer. They also had some beautiful orchids and plants for sale. My favorite though, the fresh Saipan grown Shrimp...YUM!

Got me some shrimp, ground coconut, okra, eggplant, kangkung and a couple of pumpkins for the kids to carve for Halloween...

The problem with taking my mom is, that she has to stop at every booth and say hello to everyone and chit chat.. which is really sweet of her, but turns a 20 minute trip into a 2 hour one...

But, she paid for my shrimp, so I'm not complaining!!! Thanks for the Shrimp mom!

( They were still alive...)

If you haven't visited the Sabalu Market, or haven't been there for awhile, you should go check it out...grab some shrimp, ground coconut and fresh long beans, heat up some butter with garlic and throw in the Shrimp and squeeze the coconut into coconut milk and throw that in...Mmmmmm, mmmm, mmmm! A thirty minute meal that would make Rachel Ray envious! YUM!


G'ma said...

hehehe!!! I didn't know you were 'picturing' the trip or I'd have put my best pose :-)
I knew you were getting 'antsy' after every time I look up from saying 'hello' to my farmer friends and you were several tents away... :-) Can't help it if they were excited to see me after a loooong absence from the market. I enjoyed the 'trip'. Thanks!

Lewie Tenorio said...

I've been looking for fresh shrimp since word got out that they were being farmed here. Now I know where to go, thanks.

G'ma said...

lewie, you don't even have to wait till Sat. to get the shrimps...just call any of Tony Pelegrino's business and they will lead you to the shrimps. They are worth it...VERY DELICIOUS!!!

Tamara said...


Tony Peligrino should be giving you've been pushing that shrimp to everyone you come across..he he..Infact I think 45minutes of our 2 hours market visit was spent infront of that tent telling everyone who passed how delicious the shrimps are...he he...but they are very good!!

G'ma said... much do you think I should ask for? :-)
U know I wouldn't push them if I didn't think they were good...I'd have stood there and done the opposite! hehehe
In fact, Dave is going to go buy some on Sat. :-)