Friday, October 5, 2007

How do you spell Fun? B*A*N*T*A*L*O*N!!!!

Ok, so I know the sign says to keep out...but........

The fact that the Blessed Virgin Mary was watching over us coupled with the fact that I grew up diving off the bantalon, made me feel pretty safe!

Looks like the fishermen weren't worried either : )

So it was ....Ready, Aim, Fire!

My kids love the dock just as much as I did when I was their age...probably even more!

There were some divers out for a lesson too...

I even caught a glimpse of a merboy..he he

The kids had a blast..

Even when vali's pants fell down while diving..he he

The other kids were having a blast too!

Yikes...that looks like a belly flop in the making..he he

The water was deep, cold and absolutely AWESOME!

How do I know?????

Because even I couldn't resist getting in on the fun at BANTALON!!!


G'ma said...

I enjoyed the bantalon back when I was 16-19 yrs. old (yes, I was that young at one time :-). In fact, I've got some old pictures of us there in the '60's, when "Esco's" was located just to the right as you turn in to the dock.
So how come it looks so dangerous seeing you guys jumping off the dock...hmmm...I must be getting old.

hello insomnia said...

Great action shots.