Friday, October 12, 2007


Poll Results :

55.6% of the voters thought that Al Gore deserved to win the Nobel Peace Prize..

22.2% said no.


22.2% could care less about the ozone!

And guess what, the voters were right...AL GORE won!

Dear Al Gore,

Congratulations on your win. If you send me 10% of your 1.5M winnings, I promise to lead the campaign in my community to rid our island of rusty old Aqua net, Rave, and deoderant aerosol cans (starting with me).


Boni said...

Take it one can at a time Tami!

Bruce A. Bateman said...

Save a can of that stuff to use as chalk art sealer.

Meanwhile, you are invited so please tell your friends about The Halloween party at PORKY'S. Oct 31st. First beer or drink is free, free chasers, 3 bands, come as you are or in costume if you want to enter the contest. Lots of prizes.

Plenty Fun.

See Bruce for tickets. All tickets sold to or by Marianas Dive members rebate 10% back to the group's treasury.