Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Another Moylan's Christmas...


I love these people!

My Bro and the Bobster!

The dance floor was HOT!

The pretty people!

got down and dirty!

I gave away LOTS n LOTS of COLD HARD CA$H!

My bouquet of $$$ flowers...

Me and Sarai..better known as Ebony & Ivory..he he

The band! They Rocked..and if you want them to play for your Christmas Party..CALL ME!

The food was DELICIOUS! The ribs rivaled Tony Roma's in a BIG way!

Thanks Les and the staff of Bud's Bar for a super fun, unforgettable night!
Merry Christmas All!


Deece said...

You look so good!

Bon said...

Doesn't she?! Thanks for letting us crash your party Tami. Well, you didn't let us, we just did but it was ALL Hee Jae's idea;}

EJ said...

Gods Here I come !! partay~~whoot