Thursday, February 5, 2009

Grandma, Nana, Mema, Gigi, Mamaw, Granny, G'ma, Yaya

It doesn't matter how you say it...I'm going to be IT!

Yep, my baby girl is all grown up now and on her way to having a baby of her own.
Seems like just yesterday she was taking care of puppies, and soon she will be taking care of a baby...Hope she does much better than she did with the puppy..ha ha
I love her to death and I must admit I'm excited (not at the fact that I will be called "Grandma")
Enjoy every minute you have with your kids because time surely does fly!


Bon said...

Wow, you're gonna be a grandma. That means I'm not too far away. My heart is pounding.

DATALIG said...

CONGRATULATIONS....Grandma to be!!

Welcome to the, being a grandpa, too. It's an awesome thing.

G'ma said...

I guess that means I'll become a "GG'ma". WOW! It was only yesterday it seems, when I taught her the words to the "Karkimenai" and she was only 2!

KelliOnSaipan said...

Wow, congrats Tami. I'm sure that's not too far off for us either.

Deece said...

Congratulations! I want another baby (sort of). Instead, I'm just waiting for my sister to give birth next month.

Ricardo from Saipan said...

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