Monday, May 19, 2008


Please share (forward) these information sharing opportunities!

Tuesday, May 20th, 11:45am – Hyatt Giovanni’s Restaurant

William Aila will speak to the Rotary Club of Saipan

Tuesday, May 20th, 5pm-6:30pm – Hawaii Bar & Grill, Garapan

Meet & greet for Jay and William to meet project supporters

Tuesday, May 20th, 7:15pm – American Memorial Park Auditorium

Presentation to Saipan Fisherman’s Association by Jay Nelson with special guest William Aila

Wednesday, May 21st, 7:00pm – John Gonzales Show, KSPN Channel 2

General introductions and project information the first half-hour followed by a call-in Q&A in the second half hour

Thursday, May 22nd, 7:00am – KZMI Radio Talk Show with Harry Blalock

General introductions and project information with Jay Nelson and special guest William Aila

Thursday, May 22nd, 6:00pm - American Memorial Park Auditorium

Presentation to general public by Jay Nelson with special guest William Aila

Jay Nelson

Director - Global Ocean Legacy for Pew Environment Group. Ocean Legacy originated as an outgrowth of work done by Pew in 2005–2006 to support the creation of a fully protected marine reserve in the northwestern Hawaiian Islands. Partners supporting Ocean Legacy include Pew, the Sandler Family Supporting Foundation, the Oak Foundation, and the Robertson Foundation. Inspired by this success, the Pew-managed Ocean Legacy project is dedicated to establishing, globally, over the next decade, at least three to five large, world-class, no-take marine reserves. Ocean Legacy marine reserves will provide ocean-scale ecosystem benefits and help conserve our global marine heritage.

William Aila

William is a long time harbormaster on the Waianae coast of Oahu and commercial fisherman. He is well-known as an advocate for indigenous Hawaiian rights works closely with the group Na Imi Pono. In 2006 he ran for Governor of Hawai'i in the Democratic primary. William was intimately involved in advocating for the protection of the NW Hawaiian Islands for Native Hawaiian cultural and religious reasons from the late 1990's through today. He remains active in decisions about the management of the NW Hawaiian Islands today. William is very familiar with fisheries management in the Pacific through his more than ten year’s service on various Wespac advisory panels.


Additionally, if you know anyone who would like to have a personal appointment with Jay and William, please contact me directly by email or cell phone for an appointment.

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Boni said...

If you can spare the time and the money, please
come to Porky's Saturday for Little Tony's
Fundraising. He was chosen to open the Olympics
in China with 5 other kids from Southern's school band.