Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Every Sunday I read the new post secrets. When I come across postcards that
could be about me, I start to wonder if someone I know sent one in about me..I immediately make a mental note of everyone I know who could have possibly sent it, and then I go over that list and cross off everyone who probably has no clue what "Post Secrets" is, then I cross of everyone who I think would be too lazy to take the time to write out a postcard and pay .43 cents to send then my list is usually blank and I realize, the post card wasn't ment for me...ha ha ha..Today I came across this one and I just had to laugh!!!

Maybe this one was ment for me??? Hrmmmm..ha ha


Saipan Writer said...

I don't know what "new post secrets" are. But I love the postcard.

Tamara said...

Post Secrets is a blog spot and a book..maybe more than one not sure..But it's basically random postcards that people make and send in with secrets on them. They post a new set up every Sunday...Some of them are funny, some are hillarious, and some are sad...But I'm addicted to reading them...: )

Anonymous said...

I know who sent it.