Thursday, May 15, 2008


I received a bunch of super cute mini clear stamps in the mail today..I couldn't wait to try em' out...

I love love love the cupcake stamp (in the bottom circle)!!

I also got my order from onyx stamps yesterday and I got some really cool stuff...Here's a card I whipped up really quick with one of my new stamps from onyx... The stamps are kinda small and hard to work with because they are all black..but the ones I ordered are sooo funny and the sentiments that go with them just crack me up! I hate the color combination I used here but I was kinda rushing...The sentiment "Eat Cake" was not one of the stamps it was a rub off...But I thought it went so well with the stamped image..tee hee!
more to come..more to come....weekend where are you?????


Paguroidea said...

Hi! Great cards. Do you accept orders? I would like a custom grad card. Sell your stuff. Thanks.

Saipan Writer said...

I know at least one person who needs that "eat cake" card right now! Are you selling your cards yet?

Tamara said...

Paguroidea and Saipan Writer,

No, I have not put any of my cards up for sale yet. But I would gladly make free ones for both of you...If you let me know what you want (colors, occassion, sentiment, etc..) I plan to do some "free" advertising while I am still working on my style...Just shoot me a comment or email me at any requests..


Para i familiaku said...

You are so creative! And a great sense of humor to. I agree, you should market your cards! Especially because you have the creativity to cater a card to an occasion!