Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Open enrollment has been kicking my butt! No lunch breaks, work on Saturdays and longggg days! I'm kinda enjoying all the excitement though. I'm sure I will miss all the commotion once it's over. I have met so many people that I haven't seen in ages, and some new ones. Especially embarrassing was one of my uncles who came over to say hello and I had no clue who he was...I thought it was a retiree trying to get frisky with me..ha ha..Until he announced super loud, "Shame on you, you don't even know your uncle"..Actually, shouldn't that be shame on my mom for keeping me so sheltered and away from my extended family???? ha ha..(just kidding mom!)

We did manage to take an hour off and stop by the driving range on Sunday while trying to get out of a super hot, powerless house. We live next door to the range so it was the closest place to run to. I call this series of pictures "HAMO on the range"..Hamo is slang for Samoans, and these two are on the range..ha ha..I'm so funny! Check out the footwear of choice...gotta love em!
Hopefully I will find some time to take more interesting pictures, and post more interesting things..but for now..I sleep, eat and dream GOVERNMENT GROUP LIFE!


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