Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Dr. Jack's - I'Denni

Dr. Jack's has to be one of Saipan's best kept secrets. It's tucked away just off the main road (capital hill road to Kagman is what I call it)in I'Denni.

Last night when I got home from work, the power was off (of course) so I decided that instead of trying to cook soba on a gas stove in the dark, I would take the family out to eat. We decided to try Dr. Jack's since we had passed it many times and each time would say "We should go eat there sometime"..ha ha

I'm so glad we did! The food was DELICIOUS! We ordered the Calamari, Fresh Tuna Kelaquin, Crab Cakes & Chicken Kelaquin with Titiyas. Everything was made to order (which took a bit longer than most restaurants, but was well worth the wait) and was so fresh!

The Tuna Kelaquin had to be the best I've ever had on island! The crab cakes were off the hook! The calamari was good..not the best I've had, but still very good, and the chicken kelaquin was really good too. I also loved the homemade tatiya's!

There were a lot of other things on the menu that I really wanted to try but just couldn't eat another bite. Next time I go there, I will definitely try the Coconut crusted fried shrimp..YUM!

If you haven't checked out Dr. Jack's yet...you MUST!!! ..and order the crab cakes..you won't be sorry :)~ just save some for me!!!


Anonymous said...

where in saipan is it located?

Anonymous said...

oops saw the location posted in your blog sorry... i'll go there sometime..

Tamara said...

You should! The food was delicious.

The only negative thing about the place is that when the power goes off, their generator is not strong enough to run the Airconditioning, so they had to open the doors. Which is wasn't so hot, but I got bit by a mosquito or two...Other than that, it was great!

Para i familiaku said...

Yummy...sounds like I should visit Dr. Jack's.. The sound of finding yummy crab cakes is making me hungry!!!