Tuesday, October 28, 2008


My blog has been sooo boring lately and I apologize! I have just been so super busy...After this weekend things should get better...We should be done painting, the carnival will be over and I will have some breathing room : )

Anyway, to keep my readers (all 2 of you) entertained till then, here are some recent photos

Artichoke dip from Expressions = Heaven on Earth! I loveeeeee this stuff!
Ulu and some of the boys from Church have been playing local music at the Palms Resort Pool side every evening..they look so cute in their lava lava's
Tia with Ulu and the boys at the Palms Resort...She tells people she's thier manager..ha ha
Ladder beach last sunday..Haven't been there in ages..that place is Gorgeous!
Wave watching....
Savali asked me to shoot a "Beach Road" cover shot of him..ha ha..what do you think Mike? Can you use it??? he he...

Have a great Halloween everyone!!! I have not even decided on a costume yet..sigh...

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bigsoxfan said...

We're all sort of out of it, Tami. Every little bit helps, though. Wish I was digging my toes in the sand on ladder beach, sorry about the loss of your granddad, and happy for the work on the church. For my part, I've found a killer sausage mart and ground lamb for Erdene. So it goes..Biba Mutton