Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Scrapper's Dream

I'm talking about the CRICUT of course..Most of you have probably seen the CRICUT infomercial. If you haven't, It's the personal cutting system that cuts everything from lettering for cards,banners, stickers, scrapbooking, designs, etc.. The commercial advertises a 30 day trial for $33.00..I've watched that infomercial a dozen times..drooling over the CRICUT and its amazing cutting skills (which I do not possess..ha ha) Unfortunately what they don't tell you in the informercial that should you wish to keep the machine after the 30 day trial you will be billed a zillion bazillion dollars..ok, maybe not that much, but much more than I could afford or would spend on myself. So I was super d duper happy when mom got me one for my Birthday!!!
I haven't really had much chance to try it out yet. My daughter Mirika actually got to "break it in" when I let her use it to do her Science project over the weekend..

Her project came out AWESOME! Very neat and professional looking. She said her classmates and teacher were very impressed and asked her how she did which she bragged "My mom has a cricut". I'm pretty sure most of them had no idea what a CRICUT was and probably spent the next few minutes wondering how Miri's moms pet cricket cut out the lettering..he he

Here's a picture of Mirika posing with her project. Savali & Ulu have been checking out my machine too. They have both cut there name out in several different sizes and fonts about 100 times..ha ha...If I knew it would keep them that amused, I would have got them one for Christmas..: )~ Hopefully I will find some free time to play with my CRICUT this weekend and make some new cards to update my Card Shark page... I did try cutting a couple things out ..
Like this adorable little elephant

and these cute flowers..

Thanks MOM!


Deece said...

I don't stamp or scrapbook, but I love that thing.

G'ma said...

You're Welcome, Sweetie. Been wanting to get you that since I first saw it a while back...I know you'll turn out beautastic and awesome cards and crafts. I'm so happy you like it.