Monday, January 5, 2009

You will have to order the PORK..

Cause there ain't no CHICKEN here!

I'm taking Deece up on her challenge...

I have three licenses in my wallet..why? Because I find it so amusing that
whatever you tell the people at BMV regarding the information on your license, they
do not question you at all. As you can see in one license I stated I had Blue eyes and Brown hair, in another I have Green eyes and Auburn hair..and just to be funny, on my current license I stated that my hair color was "Mocha" and they actually typed that right on there...he he he!

My nose looks HUGE and they chopped of half of my head and my Mocha hair..he he
Back in the day when I had BLUE eyes..
Whoaaa! Funky hair day..he he..

My license is up for renewal this month and I'm thinking of going with Turquoise eyes and Chocolate mousse hair.

PS : Did you really think I would let ya'll see my weight???


cee said...

omg thats too funny! i can't believe they actually typed mocha! heeheeee : )

Deece said...

You are awesome!!!

After they took my old license I realized that I should have taken a picture of it first. Anyway, it was just me...pregnant.

Isn't it crazy how you can just write down whatever you want? I have a friend who was always 2 years older than she really was...until she turned 21.

Deece said...

oh and btw, if you type in www with my url - then there won't be that little banner at the bottom of the site.

KelliOnSaipan said...

Ok, that is just too funny! But it's already bad enough if I take my license to the states, they think it's a fake I.D.

Anonymous said...

Well mine didn't have anything funny like that, just a crazy typo stating that I'm 6 foot 5. Yeahhhhhh.

bigsoxfan said...

I thought everyone lied about their weight. I weighed a hundred and eighty pounds when I got my first liscense and as far as I know, I still do. At least that is what my liscense says.

Deece said...

I'm with you, Mark. As far as anyone but my doctor knows, my correct weight is listed on my license.