Sunday, January 25, 2009

Youth Take Over Day..

It was Youth Take Over Day this past Sunday at church and the kids did an outstanding job!
Alana led the worship team which consisted of 4 brother/sister sets (Alana & Jude in the picture)

Issai spoke on tithes and offerings and did the collection.

Imelda's son (sorry don't remember his name), Levi Sinclair, and Alana did the Communion.

Little Ms. Ashley Shoemake hung out and enjoyed.

Tia did the announcements.
Ryan manned the sound booth and the power point.

This little girl who is only 8 years old and new to the church so I didn't get her name yet, played the bass guitar in the band...WOW!
Herica, Jasmin and another new girl were back up singers for the worship team.

Issai played guitar...and sang.
Vali claimed he couldn't do anything because he had a "broken heart" (see bandage)..ha ha..I think he was just making excuses..

Trini helped with Children's church.

Serena gave the sermon.

She did a great job!

and Garret prayed for the Children.
The youth did an awesome job! It was a fun day and it was really inspiring to see how the kids took charge and did so well. I have a hard time speaking in front of crowds and they took the microphone and none of them looked the least bit nervous. I was proud of all of them!

When we got home from church, the boys decided to continue with the take over so they cleaned the house and cooked a REALLY delicious lunch. They made fried short ribs and pork chops, adobo short ribs, kimchi and rice. YUM! All I had to do was kick back and relax and enjoy....I think we should do this Youth Take Over thing more often!

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G'ma said...

Ryan, I think you forgot to take your hat off in church, says mom aka grandma aka G'ma, aka Aunt G. :-)