Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Uli still has not found his way back home and I cheated and weighed myself today and have not dropped a single pound since last Wednesday..I have to admit, I did cheat a couple times...during election weekend I ate corn beef and cabbage while waiting for the votes to be counted at Tina's camp..and some cheese and crackers...and a piece of lemon meringue pie...ok, more than a couple of times....but I'm back on track today.

On a brighter note, it's Thursday!


G'ma said...

So you mean my apple pie is going to sit there till it gets thrown away? tsk! tsk!

Tamara said...

Your apple pie is long weren't the last to leave last night remember...After you left, it slowly...errrr...quickly dissapeared :) Thanks again!

lil_hammerhead said...

You need something to help you get over Uli. Well whatta ya know! Just in.. new desktop wallpapers from MustBeTheHumidity!

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Tamara said...

Not to be rude, but you need something to help you get over yourself!! Last thing I want is your grandfather with the family jewels hanging out as my wallpaper..eww! eww!eww! teehee!