Monday, November 19, 2007

Let them eat fruits...he he

I ordered some Thanksgiving fruit baskets for some of our business partners and they are so beautiful. This year I received faxes from Isabella's gifts and Island Floral advertising their Thanksgiving specials, so i decided to order some of my baskets from each place to see who made the better basket. I ordered baskets of equal value from both places.

Both places made some beautiful baskets for me and both were equally good in their own ways.
The baskets from Isabella's had a wider variety of fruit (Kiwi's, apples, atis, pears, grapes and oranges) as well as Cookies and some gourmet coffee inside. However, the ribbon used on the bows looked a bit faded and there were no fancy "Thanksgiving" cards or sticks available. The baskets from Island Floral also had a small Mellon, apples, oranges, bananas and grapes, but no cookies or coffee. They had beautiful fall colored ribbons and cute "Happy Thanksgiving" little plastic sticks and cards though. It was hard to choose who made the better Thanksgiving basket...If you prefer what's in the basket, get your basket's from Isabella's..If you prefer the "presentation" and how your basket looks, order from Island floral...Either way, if the basket is for you or someone else, they are sure to have a Happy Thanksgiving!

The basket from Island Floral Shop (Across from Saipan Grand Hotel)

The basket from Isabella's Gifts (next to Oleai Beach Bar)

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