Friday, November 23, 2007

The Shot!

This is my niece Brandie. I like to call her "mini me" because she looks and acts a lot like me when I was her age. We are partners in crime when it comes to causing trouble at family gatherings. On Thursday she asked me if she could take some pictures of everyone at our luncheon. I figured..great idea..give her the camera, show her how to point and shoot and I can relax and take a break from being family photographer..She took 278 pictures (including this one of herself )...Here are some of her best shots ..

Her feet (One of about 50 pictures she took of them :) . A good photographer always makes sure they have the shot!

Some legs..another one of her favorite subjects to shoot..mine too.

She was under the table for this shot..what creativity!

Mika SMILE! oh wait, my fingers in the way. oops!

Someone else's feet..It's hard to take a good foot photo when someone has shy toes..he he

Self portrait..darn finger!

She's now available for Weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, Birthday Parties and Studio Portraits..


hello insomnia said...

I love that girl.

G said...

little miss trouble.

at least i know what to get her for christmas now :-)

G'ma said...

g, 'santa's' already got her one... all wrapped up and ready to be opened on Christmas day :-)

G'ma said...

Those look like Dave's, Willy's, and Henry's feet, and of course miss trouble's :-)