Monday, November 26, 2007

This Christmas

Took the family to the movies the other night and we watched "This Christmas". Mirika and I loved it!!! Of course it didn't hurt that it was chock-full of eye candy (Mekhi Phifer, Chris Brown, Laz Alanso)..Savali said it was "Ok" and Ulu said he got "bored"...Its a dramedy about a family that comes together for Christmas and they all have their own little secrets and family drama's that they bring to the table..I thought the movie was very Tyler Perry-ish and I love Tyler Perry!!! If for one reason, go see it because there is one scene in the movie that will give all you women out there a GREAT idea of what to do if you catch your man cheating..bwahahaha!


Boni said...

Does it include a knife, needle and thread, honey and red ants?

Tamara said...

Nope, it involves a bottle of baby oil and who knew baby oil could be so painful???? teehee