Thursday, November 8, 2007

The end of an affair.....

I can't wait to see you every morning..

to see you and embrace you,

to draw you closer to me

to place my lips softly against you

to take you in and taste you on my tongue

to savor your richness

you awaken my heart

you are the one i want

the only one

there are no others who could ever replace you

I have tried so hard to let you go

to give you up

I know you are no good for me

but alas, i can not

i am addicted to you

i crave you

i need you

like a heart needs a beat

like a ball needs a chain

like a hole needs a head

mornings are not enough for me anymore

I find myself wanting more of you

in the afternoons

in the evenings

even at night before I go to sleep

but if I allow myself to have you

i know that sleep will never come

Oh Mr. Brown

I must end this sordid love affair I have with you..

lest I can never be true to my diet plan
or to myself

So good bye Mr. Brown

Good Bye 104 calories per can

Good bye 19.4g of Carbs

My body will miss you dearly!


G'ma said...


Anonymous said...

11/9, Fri., 4:55 p.m. Tam: The killer here is the 19.4 grams of SUGAR. So, develop your own recipe with Splenda or Equal and take to work, etc. Note the 3.4 grams of protein (from the milk). You could put the coffee and Splenda in a big container and it will last all day. Just add milk maybe from those small, individual sizes when you are ready for a drink. Also note even a trace of sat fat is bad and this has .01 grams. Love. djc

glend558 said...

Damn! I was getting turned on..Sorry, I'm not Mr. Brown...

Boni said...

With 19.4 grams of Carbs I would be packing his bags too girl. I'm so not one to talk though, I've started my own affair with Red Bull sugar free. Gives me wings!

bradinthesand said...

i'd like to get me a nice ms. brown like that!