Sunday, April 20, 2008


Haven't posted lately been feeling under the weather..and not in the picture taking mood. I did have something good to share with everyone..I stopped at my new favorite place over the weekend "Expressions" and they have a new shipment of cheese, crackers, spice rubs, etc...I picked up some Artichoke dip that was absolutely HEAVENLY! and The Chinese 12 spice rub. I used it to make some roast chicken last night and it came out super DELISH! They have about 10 diffrent rubs available for purchase now, so I think I will go back and get a couple more. They run about $6.00 each but I barely used 1/4 of my container for two chickens last night so they last pretty long...and it was nice just being able to rub some seasoning on the chicken pop it in the oven and to have it coming out like I had been slaving for hours over it...Anyway, if you have never tried rubs before, you should! And if you have, you need to check out rubs at "Expressions" and pick up some of that Artichoke dip while your at it (oh, and invite me over to try everything once your done cooking..ha ha)


on another note, Ulu is playing every Friday night at 360 for Happy Hour..What a great excuse for me to hang out there every friday :) He's enjoying it, which is good, because he's pretty much playing for my bill every friday..I just love that place!


Ok, gotta go, I need to post another blog about why I support the National Park of the Sea, so I can win Angelo's blog candy!


dont you think... said...

i love expressions but dont you think her sign is so EXPRESSIONLESS? i mean it is two tones brighter than the beige of the building! where is teh expression? tell me?!

spaholic said...

I always want to stop by there ,everytime I went up to Capitol hill ,but unfortunately I always passed it ,if the sign much more visibel I won't forget next time.

spaholic said...


Tamara said...

Spaholic - Her sign is huge now! She moved down to the old wine cellar building so you can't miss it. You should check it out..

Dont you think- I thought the same thing,.he he...maybe she should stamp it up! :)

Boni said...

I love your signature Tami. And your cards are gorgeous. You have an eye for beauty, for sure.

Tamara said...

aww..thank you Boni! Your comment made my if I just had your skill when it comes to writing, I would have it made. I just read your blog on the National Park of the Sea and LOVED IT!