Sunday, April 13, 2008

Stay-at-home Sunday..

Today was the first day in ages that I have spent the whole day at home and gone absolutely nowhere...Ulu and some friends worked on the car to get out the dent that happened when that tree jumped out in back of me last month : ) and then they hung out and bbq'd..sooo I stayed in my studio aka bedroom and created a few new cards...

I'm teaching myself to stamp in anticipation of my first real stamping class at Expectations...I practiced with these new flower stamps I bought at YCO. They came out ok, but I really can't
wait to take a class.

This is my favorite card so far..mainly because I did the greeting in Palauan..It says, "Hello!

"How are you?"

I wish you could see how sparkly these flowers came out...they are so cute!

Talofa means "Hello" in Samoan. My son loves Tiki's so I made this card with him in mind.

I Love how the dragonfly came out...

These flowers were stamped from the YCO set too, and then I free handed the little pots they are growing out of. I like the whole card theme, but I didn't really like how the stamped flowers came out. I think I will try this again, but with different flowers....

Anyway, I didn't go anywhere, but I got a lot done : ) And how was your weekend?


TwoTank said...

These are BEAUTIFUL! Impressive:)

Hugs and fishes,

Deece said...

Nice cards.