Sunday, December 30, 2007

360 and the 3rd year anniversary of our Family

In two days, Ulu and I will have been together for three years. In celebration, we took the kids to 360 for our 3rd anniversary as a family. I practically grew up in the old Naru Building at the old Taipei Restaurant, which is now 360, so I was excited to go and revisit my childhood. They have done a really great job on the remodeling. It was beautiful inside! Brought back a lot of fond memories. My uncle Singeru use to sing in what is now, the happy hour area. My auntie Bobbie was a waitress there. They use to serve the best roast chicken and fried pork and we would always wash that down with endless Shirley Temples. Those were the days! The menu at the new 360 is pretty good. They had a lot of my favorite appetizers and they had steak which is my family's favorite!

We ordered bacon wrapped scallops, fried cheese sticks, sashimi and beef kelaquin for chasers..the fried cheese sticks were so good we had to order more. I loved the bacon wrapped scallops!

Everyone ordered the Saipan Sirloin Angus steak for their main course. It was probably the best steak I have had on Saipan. It was very tasty and melted in your mouth..

The kids loved the steak too! For dessert we had chocolate ice cream and cheesecake. The cheesecake was delicious!

The view was awesome. It was interesting to see the changes around the island since the last time I was up there..Definitely seemed to be a lot more Garment factory buildings and I couldn't really see Susupe Lake anymore, its so grown over.

We took a ton of photos. I guess ulu and savali didn't get the memo to make a face in this shot..ha ha

We got there at a good time- 5pm..we got to see the whole island in the daylight, watch the sunset (although it was pretty cloudy) and then see the night lights just before we left.

We had a great time! Great food, great service, reasonable prices and more great memories for me, ulu and our kids. 360 is my new favorite restaurant and I look forward to going back there again soon to try the burgers and the pizza!

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