Saturday, December 22, 2007

Im Starting to get really excited...

Last week I was so busy I was tired and exhausted and just not feeling the Christmas spirit...This weekend I've gotten into the Christmas groove and now I'm actually excited! This year is the first time that our family Christmas Party will be at my house and I will be hosting it. Since I was a baby, my mom always cooked the Christmas meal and everyone would go to her house. When her house started to get too small for our ever growing family, we started having our parties at the hotel (Aquarius Beach Towers)..This year I am hosting the party and I'm excited. The kids and I had decorated the house a couple weeks ago and I have been shopping shopping shopping...I think I'm pretty much set..We are going to do the traditional Samoan Umu so the food should be delicious! I hope everyone else is all set and ready to go..if not, you have one day left....hurry up!

Being that we are from Angaur (the monkey island) I thought it only fitting that we have him great everyone at the door..he he

Santa, Frosty and Rudolph making their way to the roof outside

The stocking are hung and Santa is ready to go
My mother made this nativity set by hand in 1973. She would make a manger for it and put it up every year while we still lived at home. After we all grew up and moved out, it kinda got boxed away for awhile. This year my mom passed it down to me. I was so touched and excited that she gave it to me to display. I remember this nativity set was my favorite Christmas decoration growing up. I loved and still do love, this set! What makes it even more special is the fact that my mom made each piece out of porcelain and hand painted each one. It's amazing that it has lasted through all these years with every piece still in perfect condition. Vali and I made the manger this year...Its not nearly as nice as the ones my mom made, but after a few years of practice we should get it down pretty well.

The Santa train


G'ma said...

Sweety, how touching. I'm glad you like the nativity set. Your dad loved it too and showed it off to everyone who came by on Christmas (just about every 'Coastie' on the Mellon or Jarvis)...hehehe

I'm happy to relinguish my "Head of the Family Christmas Gathering" to you, Sweetheart, as I know you will do a GREAT job at it, and I THANK YOU for enthusiastically accepting, as your momma is a bit old and tired, and NOW READY TO PARTY!!!! :-)
Love, mom

G'ma said...

btw, you and Vali did a great job on the manger!!! I know each year the architectural work will get fancier...but resist that temptation, and keep it simple like you have it now. I like it!