Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter pix for "T"

The easiest way for my daughter to access pictures is via my blog so I'm posting some pictures from yesterday's festivities for her...Hope you all don't mind and I hope you enjoyed your back to work!
Team BBQ.....(Are you sure those shishkabobs aren't burning while you pose for the camera?)

A house full of girls....

Everyone is patiently waiting for the eggs to be hidden...everyone except Brissa. By the look on her face she seems totally irritated that its taking so long..he he

Uncle Rob gives instructions to the eager egg hunters.

Try looking down will find more eggs!

Vali took the pictures during the hunt. Which explains why we have no clue who found this egg..ha ha

Arro's first Easter Egg hunt and she's doing awesome!

Arro hits the jackpot!

Nana's homemade Easter egg pinata. We dubbed it the "Grateful Dead Easter Egg" he he

The spread! Yum!

Tickleeeeeeeeeeeee Fightttttttttttttttttt!
When asked her overall opinion of the Easter party, Brissa gave the "thumbs up" and exclaimed "IT ROCKED!" ...ok, maybe what she said sounded more like "ITOKE" but that translates to "IT ROCKED!" = ) ~

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