Sunday, March 2, 2008

Rain = Blockbuster

Due to the weather, I decided to rent some movies and stay in for the weekend.
I still haven't been able to catch "Across the Universe" at the video store :(
I was however, able to watch the following this weekend :

Beowulf - I had no idea this was a cartoon type movie, but I enjoyed it.

Awake - It was too far off for me to imagine Jessica Alba being evil...she's just way too cute. I was disappointed with the whole movie in general.

Daddy Day Camp - I fell asleep 15 minutes into the movie..guess it wasn't that great.

Highlander-The Source- I watched it on and off while surfing the net...It was pretty boring...By mid-film I didn't really care about "The Source" or who "The one" was, so I left Ulu to watch the movie and went to make some home made chili....Which turned out pretty delicious by the way :)

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