Monday, March 24, 2008

I'm in a Jam,

and I need your help! My peach jam turned out more like candied was really thick and sticky and after putting it in the refrigerator I wasn't even able to get it out of the jar anymore..HELP! What am I doing wrong??? (Deece??) Am I cooking it for too long? Am I adding
to much sugar? I followed the recipe...Any Jammers out there that can give me some advice I would greatly appreciate it!


bigsoxfan said...

Sorry, I only do meat products. If it was Spam, stuck in the can, I could help you, but I don't do Jam.

Anonymous said...

Did you maybe cook it too long or not use enough liquid? My dad (who makes the best jam and relishes) said when it comes to a boil just take it off the heat and put it in the jars... hope this helps.

Deece said...

Since you followed the recipe, my guess is that you cooked it for too long.

I cook my jams until they reach their gelling point. Each type of jam I make has an approximate cooking time - but it varies based on the individual batch.

The jelling point is essentially when you dip a metal spoon sideways into the pot (you know, not as if you're going to taste it but kind of as if you're going to drizzle it on a cake) and when you pull it out it has two drops forming that slide down and drop as one from the middle of your spoon. Hmmm...that doesn't give a good explaination, does it? Another way I test for the jelling point is by dropping a bit onto a plate. I let it cool off a little bit then I tilt the plate to see how runny the jam is. If it looks about right I sweep my finger through it to see how it stands up.

Some preserves that I make are a bit "looser" than the jams. So it's up to your preference on when to turn off the stove. But if you over cook it you will end up with candy.

Write to me at create at deece dot net if you have more questions. :)

Peace out, yo!

Tamara said...

Thanks anon and Deece...Im pretty sure I over cooked it..I'm going to try again this weekend and use your tips for testing Deece...I will let you know if it comes out right this time...Thanks!