Monday, March 10, 2008


A Poememe is the internet version of the game telephone. The name is a compound of the words poetry and meme and was inspired by a scene from the movie The Princess Bride. The object is to write the first few lines of a poem and then send it out into the webernet to be completed.

For example, you start the poememe:

There once was a priest from Nantucket.

You send it to Mary who adds:
He walked by a petunia and plucked it.

Mary sends it to Tom who adds:
Inside was a bee,

Tom sends it to Roger who adds:
That stung him on the knee

And so on and so forth.

Here's how to organize a Poememe round.
1. Pick a theme/tone
Just like poems, the types of Poememes can traverse the range of human emotions and poetry formats, from funny limericks to a thoughtful Haiku. In the Poememe instructions, write the theme you are going for (funny, romantic, holiday) and the format (Rhyming, Limerick, Haiku).

2. Pick a length
Decide how long you want the Poememe to be and how many lines you want the blogger to contribute.

3. Tracking contribution

4. Send it out
When you are ready to send out the Poememe, pick blog friends who are most likely to participate, tag them and have fun.

5. Bringing it home
When all the Poememes are done devote a blog to showcasing them.

Sounds like fun! Who wants to play???? I want to do a funny Rhyme about your body. I will do the first four lines and you do the next four..just post them in my comment we go...

Oh, Dear Lord,
each day I pray
Why, oh why did you create
my body this way?

OK, whose next?????? Come on, play along with me!


Anonymous said...

My feet are so BIG
They look like boat skis.
Those aren’t ham hocks connected to them,
Those are my knees.

me said...

I have a big booty
Its juicy and round
makes them boys jaws
drop to the ground
its the size of a beachball
but what can i say
i'd rather have a booty
than none any day

Tamara said...

LOL@me..ha ha ha..I know the feeling! ha ha ha ha

lil_hammerhead said...

Oh, Dear Lord,
each day I pray
Why, oh why did you create
my body this way?

Too short for the runway,
Too thick.. "that won't fit",
No Silicone boobies,
But a mind sharp with wit.


glend558 said...


Anonymous said...

My name is anon-e
and I ventured here from lil's
I saw this cute tamara
her wicked hot eyes give me chills...

glend558 said...

My nose has turned red
my teeth the are all green.
And my penis hangs down
like a tiny string bean...

I love this stuff, shudda done it sooner...

lil_hammerhead said...

LOL!!!!! Hahahahahahahahahahahaaha ------> Glen!

Gross and funny!

Tamara said...


Ummm..I think you may need to see a doctor about that..teehee!