Friday, March 21, 2008

The grafitti on my bumper reads " Coconut tree wuz hea!"

Good Friday turned out to be a GREAT Friday after all...

I woke up early and started putting together the Easter prizes for the egg hunt on Sunday.
Then I headed out to drop my housekeeper at her Friends house. Out of the blue, this coconut tree jumped right behind me...

and left a little gift on my bumper...OUCH! Actually...I was driving my daughter's car, so it left a little gift on "her" bumper..ha ha (No worries T, I will get it fixed.again...)

Just when I thought my day was ruined by my little accident, I caught these people walking up San Vicente and thought to myself, "I'd much rather be in a slightly dented, air conditioned car then carrying a 20lb cross up a hill barefooted, in the rain." I admire their perseverance and dedication.

I took the kids and headed to Java Joes to have a much needed Cafe Mocha while the newly dented car got a good cleaning inside and out. I figured maybe Ulu wouldn't notice the dent if it was clean???? Maybe? Probably not..Mirika obviously was not in the mood for photos.

This is where I have my cars cleaned...they do a FABULOUS job and they only charge $10 for inside and outside. They are conveniently located right next to Java Joe's so you can have a cup of coffee and a bagel while you wait..

After breakfast we got some shopping in. I found cute set of Mason Jars at National Office Supply...Ever since Deece blogged about her Mango Jam I've been wanting to try making jam so I bought them.

After shopping I headed home to try out my Mason Jars. I decided on a peach Jam since I had all the ingredients as well as an easy recipe I Googled.

I sterilized the jars as instructed.
and I boiled the final product for 15 minutes..which seemed kinda weird to me, but that's what the recipe said to do..I will let you know (In another post) how it turned out...

While I jammed, Savali had target practice with my bb gun and shot at a dummy he drew on a box called "x"..he he.He did pretty well!! Shot "x" in the head and heart several times.

Mirika and Nashia were playing "Addicting games" on the Internet.

And Rachel Ray was grilling up some finger steaks..

For dinner we decided to head down to the all you can eat Seafood Buffet at the Fiesta Resort.

But not before we got in some play pong anyone?

Pool by the pool...he he

Go Mirika!

Vali was so into his game.

After a couple of games, I knew it was time to eat cause Vali n Ulu were starting to act strange.

and for some reason, couldn't keep their feet on the ground...

The seafood was off the hook! DELICIOUS!!

I call this photo "The AFTERMATH" = )

Ahhh....another GORGEOUS day...dented car and all!


Anonymous said...



anyway....mirika is huge...
get her excersizing or something...sheesh...

oh and get some minutes on your phone!

Tamara said...

Ha ha ha...I knew you were going to say that..After I just had the entire thing bodied and painted too.....oh well..coulda been worse~

call me today!

glend558 said...

Got insurance?

The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

Where is the lunch meeting on Thursday?

bigsoxfan said...

Could have done without seeing R. Ray. Otherwise, snick, snick, snicker. Watch those sneaky tree's.

On another subject. You boil the preserves with the lid on? tight? Just wondering, when my mom was in her jam phase, I didn't pay the attention, that I would these days. I'm thinking the jar would implode. Or is that just when a hot jar is suddenly cooled? Never mind, I'll look it up on utube.