Saturday, February 16, 2008

Blogger meetup at Blockbuster...were you invited?

I was rushing to get some dvd's from Blockbuster and sneak out before anyone realized I looked like I had just rolled out of bed and hadn't even brushed my hair. She walked in and I thought to myself "hmmm that looks like Bubbles in Paradise". She looked at me, and Im sure she thought, "hmmm, could that be Seaweed, Sand & Sunsets?"..I was too shy to speak up, so thank goodness she did..he he..So, yeah, I finally met Bev in person. I didn't say too much, I was mortified that my first blogger meetup was one where I looked like survived a tornado..ha ha ..But, I'm a regular reader of Bev's blog and I find her blog to be very inspirational. She has such a beautiful outlook on life...She is just as beautiful in person!


bigsoxfan said...

Good thing you both aren't anons. Not that there was much interaction though. glad you met up with Bev, than with Greg C. I'm not sure I could have left that experience with a smile. Ribs in Coconut curry mix on the stove, as we speak. Thanks.

Beverly said...

lol Dang! You beat me! Watch for my post! hehe Blockbuster sucks by the way. They never had the videos I'm looking for. You should try Kevin's Videos on Middle Road! Nice to meet you! We're linked=)