Monday, February 4, 2008

*Update* Flights to Guam or DUH!

Guess what? Out of the blue I just decided to check Continental on line..I know, I know, your saying DUH! is'nt that what most people would do??? Well, I guess I did things ass backwards because I called my travel agent who gave me the $236.00 price per ticket AND told me that was the cheapest continental fare available...and I took her word for it. Anyway, where was I, oh yeah, so I went on line this morning and decided to check the continental site to see if that was indeed the cheapest fare..and guess what?? It wasn't! On line I was able to book round trip on Cape Air for $156.00 including tax..How cool is that? On top of that my kids tickets were even cheaper..My little girls was only $114.oo plus tax....All in all I paid about $620.00 for 4 tickets...which is wayyyy cheaper than the $944.00 I originally was quoted and the $732.00 Freedom Air rate...

So for everyone else like me, who usually takes the easy way out and calls the travel agent to make reservations for you, next time take the extra few minutes and do it yourself on line..or at least check on the fares directly with the carrier because it will probably save you some bucks!

I know, I know....DUH!


bigsoxfan said...

DUH. Been there too, ended up flying business/exec from Seoul to UB at a huge price.Sadly, What should have been a sweet flight with more amentities than either of us had ever seen, turned out to be four hours from hell for all the residents of biz class. The guy next to us, an extremely obese drunken korean IT guy snored at a level I can only achieve after serious alcohol abuse. The most horrible aspect of it all was he didn't wake up when the lad's screams equalled the decibels of his snores. I mean, he was loud..

Nothing to do with travel agents, I went online and to one overseas agent, plus two on island. The best we could do was Asiana to Seoul and Korean air business class to Ub. Asiana was awesome in the customer service department. I've never had so much solicitude and general friendliness with an airline. Except southwest, but Asiana was more professional, although a bit less funny. SW cracks me up most flights. Ask me about the couple going to Vegas for the internet sex convention someday.. I'm still laughing at the memory of a short convesations over eight years ago.

Somedays, a drunk obese guy snores. I have a short movie if you are interested. The food in biz class was superb and the attendants did everything for us and the pmpkn, except pop the snoring guy in the snout. I would have volunteered, but it was my first time with the upper crust and didn't know the rules. Hope your trip goes well. Mark and Erdene.

The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

I don't know why anybody would use a travel agent these days. Everything you need is available on the Internet...and it is usually cheaper...and you usually don't have to pay taxes on stuff you buy on the Internet.

Anonymous said...

Tam: The travel agents have to make a profit, too. If you go to the CO office at the airport to get your tickets, they will also charge you $10 per ticket for their service. But, the drawback on your tickets is your flight times; middle of the night coming and going?? I experienced this when I went to Guam over Christmas. Not wanting to inconvenience those dropping me off and picking me up, I was forced to take a fare of about $198. CO has a monopoly here so what can we expect; we get screwed coming and going. Long ago, when you were very young, they had “family rates”. NO MORE! Love. djc

G'ma said...

See....that's what happens when you don't listen to your mother...I've always said "skip the agents, go direct..." (That applies to almost everything...not only airlines)
Glad you got better rates. Next time, listen to your mom.
Love you!