Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Thursday Thoughts VII

It's Thursday along won't you!

What's the one tv show you can't go without watching each week???

Do Tell!


Tamara said...

My Answer :

Fox News..yes, I love FOX NEWS!

48 hours, CSI but I'm tired of reruns...and Rock of Love 2.Hey, don't knock it..even Bret Michaels deserves to find love :) I'm routing for Daisy this season :)

G'ma said...

T.V Bloopers and Practical jokes; American Idol; 48 hours; Discovery's most dangerous job (crabs and lobster fishing)

dekada lawyer said...

Ordinarily I would not classify news programs as "shows," but I will grant that FOX serves up sufficient creativity to qualify ....

Tell me, Tamara, do you watch Red Eye?

My only television "must watch"s are a little FOX NEWS and a little CNN each day.

lil_hammerhead said...

Foxnews is a show. Go to CNN for news.

.. on to your question.

The Colbert Repor(t) with Steve Colbert

The Daily Show with John Stewart

By far the funniest shows on today.. and they're inciteful.

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glend558 said...

Deal or No Deal

DRUGGIE said...