Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The ranting and ravings of an angry divorced mom...

Ok, here’s the situation :

Last week, my son Savali asked me if he could have a dog. Apparently his friend's dog had puppies (pitbull/rott mix) and he had offered to give him one of the pups. I immediately said, NO! No way, no how!

My main reason for saying no was that a couple years ago him and his sister asked for a dog. I held off and held off and then finally I gave in and on Valentines day I brought home a $500.00 Maltese for them. Why a Maltese? Because they had both said they wanted a dog that would stay "small and cute" and never get really big. So I sprung for the Maltese and brought it home. For the first 3 months they adored that dog, brushed it daily, pampered it, took her for walks, etc. etc....but after that..little by little the fascination over little Coco (that was her name) started to wear off. Soon I was having to order them to take her for walks, we ended up having to shave her because her hair got all tangled up and got sticker burs in it, and before you knew it, I was the one taking her for walks. Eventually I ended up giving Coco away to a lady who lived next door to us and who takes wonderful care of her. After that, I said..no more dogs!

Soooo, this weekend the kids went to visit their dad. On Tuesday afternoon when I arrived home from work, I found my son sitting on the couch with this grin on his face. He says to me, "mom, you know how I got such awesome grades on my report card" and I was like, "yeah" and he says, "well, don't you think I deserve a reward for that" (you see where this is going right) so I say, "yes, that’s why I am taking you to Guam this weekend" and he says, "ummm, but can I keep him" and at the same time removes his bag to reveal a little brown and black pitbull/rott puppy.


I said, no dogs!

Apparently the friends father is a friend of Savali's father and he offered him (Savali's dad) a dog too, and Savali's dad took him up on his offer.

So of course, I had to explain to him that we can not keep a dog in the house. Not only is it against the lease agreement but the our house has carpeting and the puppy is not potty trained, and while he is at school the puppy is going to do his thing all over the place. We can't put him outside either because he might run into the road (like Moli) and right now we do not have a leash or dog house. And on top of that, remember what happened with Coco???

So after my long lecture (the abbreviated version above)...my son starts crying (which he tried to hide from me by hiding out in his room the rest of the night) ..and I end up being the BAD GUY!

What was his dad thinking? He did not even call me to ask me if it was ok for Vali to have a dog and bring him home??? He didn't consider who was going to pay for the vet bills, food, pet care, etc....No, he didn't! He simply told Savali to bring it with him to mom's house cause his house is carpeted and he doesn't have time to take care of the puppy during the week.

WHAT???? Why in the heavens would you accept a puppy from someone that you can't take care of????? Oh, I forgot, you have an x wife that will take care of it for you. UGH!

I can't help but think that I should go out and buy a billy goat and have Vali bring it over to his Dad's house next weekend and announce that its his new pet and mom wants him to keep it at his house or maybe a potbelly pig.....

ok, I'm done venting now...and how are you doing????


The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

I like the goat idea.

How about some fighting cocks?

lil_hammerhead said...

Geez.. so you took a poor kids puppy away? Oh wait, a poor kid who worked hard on getting good grades so that he could be rewarded with a puppy. Double geez. :)

Tamara said...

I'm not taking it away...I'm just making him take it back to his dad's house...where it can run free and poop on his dad's carpet all he wants :)

Anonymous said...

Michael Vick will take the dog off your hands in about a year..

me said...

I am doing well, thank you for asking Tamara. I think your son should keep the puppy but should keep it at his other house.

Saipan Writer said...

What was his father thinking? He was thinking--I've got to get rid of this puppy. He's peeing and pooing all over the place. My son will love him.

And that was probably the end of the thought process. :-)

It's tough being a single mother. That's why we get paid the big bucks. Oh, yeah--no pay, but still.

I agree with your decision--send the puppy back to dad. The puppy is still your son's, but he keeps it where it belongs. And he learns to ask mom first before bringing anyone (or any animal) home. (deep breath)

The Beachcomber said...

"He says to me, 'mom, you know how I got such awesome grades on my report card...well, don't you think I deserve a reward for that'..."
How cute is that? Man, I can't wait to have my own kid(s). I'm sure it was tough making that call.