Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Update on the puppy situation...

Cause I know everyone's dying to know..ha ha ha...What happened with the puppy dog Savali brought home??? Well, it was at his Dad's the entire week (mostly because we were in Guam). Savali brought her home yesterday and hid her in his room...So I decided to strike a deal with him. The deal is, if he gets inducted into the Junior National Honor Society he can keep the dog at our house, build her a dog house out front and she gets to stay.

Now my son has been pretty much a straight A student from Kindergarten on, but the boy can not keep still, he's constantly on the move, and always getting into something. How he's maintained his straight A's is beyond me..Especially since I have caught him several times going to school with an empty school bag (not even a pencil) and a basketball. We joke that he saves up his lunch money and bribes his teachers..ha ha.. So for him to be inducted into the Honor Society is no small feat.

I think it's a fair deal..right?

Will keep you posted! :)

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G'ma said...

TSK! TSK! TSK! Sounds like you're cooking up an excuse to back out from "no dog in this house" stance. :-)
Start building the dog house...Vali WILL make the Honor Society!! I have a very good and smart grandson!!!!