Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sights from Sunday's Corporate Challenge

Our Team- Romell, Teddy, Armi, Rina & Efren - Mabuhay Moylan's!

Teddy prooves he was hungry and ate all his food
What did he eat???? EWWWW!

Armi rushes to peel her Balut!

But she wasn't about to eat it...2 points off for Team Moylan's..ha ha (I don't blame you girl!)
Rina shows her skateboarding skills
Armi repeats her technique of sneaking out the window in highschool..he he

Do you guys have all your coconuts???


Refaluaschshshscch...something like that..tee hee

My little girl is a Paparazi in training. She caught this photo of Blogger Brad R.

Fiesta Resort Represents Palau and takes the grand prize coconut!

Good Day Mate!

We represented the Phillipines!

It was a longgggggggg but fun day!

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bradinthesand said...

i had a blast! next time tell your daughter to give me fair warning so i can suck in my gut!